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Our volunteers must... 

  • Act in a friendly manner.
  • Deal with the public in a polite and helpful way. Act and behave with maturity, honesty and reliability. Turn up to the onsite staff meeting in good health.
  • Be (and remain) of good health and state and able to work on their feet carrying out basic manual tasks for much of the day. 
  • Maintain good standards in all of their activities.
  • Work well and properly communicate with other team members.
  • Speak fluent English and additional spoken language will be an advantage
  • Be legal to work in the UK.
  • Be 18 years of age or over.
  • Inform us immediately if they become ill or injured.

Activity requirements

  • It is likely that you will need to complete a minimum of 2 x 4 hour shifts or a total of 8 hours per day. Actual individual requirements may exceed this - individual volunteer activity requirements will be assigned to you, and this is what you must complete.
  • It is highly likely that you will need to be on site 1 or 2 hours before the start of the activities.
  • You must attend whichever locations you are directed to attend at the times you are directed to attend them, when at the festival.
  • You must not cease carrying out your designated activities until directed to do so.
  • You must arrive at the festival during the time window stated and follow directions given to access the site correctly.
  • You must wear closed toed shoes whilst carrying out activities as a volunteer, i.e. no sandals, flip flops, bare feet, etc.
  • You must wear sensible and appropriate clothing for your shift, i.e. no onesies, fancy dress etc.
  • You will understand that it is important for both you and Kendal Unity Festival organisers, as well as the smooth running of the festival, that these standards and requirements are met.

You must provide and pay for your own travel to and from the festival.  We encourage all of our volunteers to use public transport or car share wherever possible. 

Shifts are allocated to you upon arrival. We give them out in a fair manner so that nobody gets the short straw. If you want to be able to pick your shifts, we suggest you arrive early for accreditation (you will be told where and when this is nearer to the time of the event). If you arrive late for accreditation you may miss out on the shift you want. You can swap shifts with other volunteers if you wish - but you and the swapee must both come and see us in the onsite office to swap them on our rota. You cannot just swap without telling anyone.

What to bring
Please bring the following to the festival:

  • Attire and consumables for all weather types e.g. wellies, shorts, waterproof jacket, sturdy footwear, warm top, hat, sun block, etc. Please check the weather forecast
  • Food: you may want to bring food with you, we endeavour to provide pack lunch for all volunteers (subject to availability of finding).

What not to bring

  • Please do not bring any of the following to the festival:
  • Any items of significant value.
  • Glass of any kind
  • Items which provide naked flames or which can be used for lighting fires.
  • Pets/animals.
  • Selfie sticks. They obscure peoples' view.
  • Flags/poles. These are dangerous around overhead power-lines and block peoples’ view of stages.
  • A bad attitude: this will not be tolerated.
  • Illegal substances