South Lakeland MIND

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Providing a wide range of opportunities for you to improve your wellbeing and support others including…
•        Peer Support Groups
•        Counselling
•        One to One Peer Support
•        Massage for Relaxation
•        Volunteering
At Kendal Unity Festival we will be:

Saint Vincent DePaul Society

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The SVP stall will be one with plenty of information about its work for those in need with an emphasis on what we do locally and Social Justice.

Our Mini Vinnies group of Dean Gibson children will be offering activities from mid morning to mid afternoon. These will include Guess the Name of the Teddy Bear and games on Equality and Diversity themes.


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UnTethered is a band from the Kendal area, playing ukuleles, guitar, bass, harmonicas, percussion AND NOW trumpet!. We are developing a fusion of instruments and voices to take a new look at popular & traditional songs.