Kendal Community Theatre

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Kendal Community Theatre is a professionally directed theatre company. Productions take place all over Kendal and beyond and range from: street theatre A Passion for Kendal to stage plays Lady Anne Clifford ~ a Woman Cast Out & Oh what a Lovely War to Kendal Yarns Festival of New Plays to BBC Radio Cumbria broadcasts, tours of Retirement Homes and Music Hall.

Kendal Organ Donor Town

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Kendal Organ Donor Town was founded by Cllr Chris Hogg when he became Mayor of Kendal in May 2015 announcing that his aim was to sign up 1000 new registrations on the organ donor register. Cllr Rachael Hogg received her first kidney transplant in July 1990. In February 2016 Chris donated his kidney to Rachael.

South Lakeland Housing

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South Lakes Housing (SLH) became an independent housing association with charitable rules in March 2012 following a ballot of tenants who voted 84.5% ‘in favour’ of the transfer from SLDC. SLH owns 3085 homes and is the largest provider of affordable housing in South Lakeland.