Lakeland Arts -Pop Up Portraiture Studio

Submitted by admin on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 15:46

Pop-up portraiture in the park! Abbot Hall Art Gallery is setting up a Georgian photo booth inspired by portraits in the gallery. Dress up and have your picture taken by a photographer dressed as George Romney. Portraits will then be displayed at Abbot Hall to reflect the faces of Kendal today.  

Local artist George Romney was one of the most fashionable and prominent English portrait painters in the eighteenth century. His portraits are on permanent display at Abbot Hall Art Gallery.

Abbot Hall Art Gallery will be creating a pop-up portraiture studio in the park as part of the Kendal Unity Festival on 23 June. A professional photographer dressed as Romney will capture the ‘Faces of Kendal’ today. After the festival, these portraits will be displayed on a digital screen in the entrance of Abbot Hall Art Gallery to show a slide show of portraits and faces that reflect Kendal today.


Participants would need to sign a photo permission form to have their photograph taken. Otherwise, they are welcome to take pictures on their own devices.
The professionally taken photographs will also be shared online for participants to download their portraits.