Cumbria Development Education Centre - Hidden Stories Shared Lives Exhibition and Workshop

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Hidden Stories - Shared Lives Exhibition

CDEC and Hidden Stories Shared Lives For Kendal Unity Festival

Experience for yourself the Hidden Stories Shared Lives exhibition which brings you some of the stories of so many around us who were born outside the UK but now live in Cumbria. The exhibition will be opened by Peter McCall, Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner at 11:00 am at the Unitarian Chapel.

Hidden Stories Shared Lives interviewed 50 individuals who were born outside the UK but have now made their homes in Cumbria. The stories that emerged were all so different but shared in common the fact that we all have rich and diverse lives.

The intricate stories revealed developed into the exhibition where you can hear the recordings, take a seat at the table to look at the everyday items of five of the interviewees and where you too can reflect on your own everyday life and what it means to you to be you!

Head to to find out more about the project and follow the project on Facebook to find out where the exhibition will be going next.

Hidden Stories Shared Lives was a project run by Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) in partnership with AWAZ Cumbria, South Lakeland Equality and Diversity Partnership and South Lakeland District Council. The project and exhibition was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund but our presence here today and the workshop are funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

Hidden Stories Shared Lives Workshop
Come along to our workshop to take inspiration from our Hidden Stories Shared Lives project and explore what it means to be you! Our expert facilitator will use one of the stories to engage you to empathise with and understand that person’s journey and so learn and gain a deeper understanding of what you have experienced in life, and what resilience you have built through your own experiences.

CDEC is a small, Cumbria-based charity with a big heart, an established track record, and big ambitions to influence and promote global citizenship throughout Cumbria, nationally and internationally. We believe that Cumbria is a Beacon for Global Citizenship.

What do we do?
CDEC works hard to give schools, communities, and businesses in Cumbria the chance to engage with the wider world in order to understand and to take responsibility for their own place within it. 
CDEC does this through working with schools, communities, and businesses by:
•    delivering continuing professional development (CPD) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) training as well as classroom and workshop sessions for children and young people
•    providing advice, a network of support and resources for schools and organisations
•    running community-based projects that engage and support those living in Cumbria
•    working in partnership with a range of organisations to encourage thinking about, and action on, local and global issues.

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