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Growing Singing

Not singing?  Want to?  Do!  Growing Singing is a tiny business in Kendal where the point is to get more people singing - not to perform, not because we're good at it, not for any other reason than that it's so good for us to sing. We run a couple of singing groups but also promote ALL the singing opportunities in Kendal and around.    

•    1.30pm Abbot Hall park (in the marque, then outdoors)
•    teaching a wonderful song called United by Sue Harris
•    using the words by Jo Cox "We have more in common than that which divides us"
•    Whether you sing much at all or are a very experienced singer this could be for you
•    Have a go at joining your voice - however rusty it may be! - with a good many others - to sing what we're celebrating today!

Growing Singing 07984 146 452.

We are:

A gathering of Growing Singing who get together weekly in Kendal to sing purely and wholly for the fun of it. Singing songs from around the world in lovely harmony - so satisfying to learn! Come and join us singing Sue Harris's wonderful song "United" with words from Jo Cox.